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Community Recycling and George Leck and Son Inc
Innovate Textile Recycling for Region

At Home Collection of Textile Recycling to Engage Community with
Convenience and Customer Service

Bucks County, PA – August 14, 2012 – Thousands of tons of textiles are soon to be diverted from the local waste stream in the Philadelphia region, Montgomery County, NE Philadelphia and Southern Lehigh County areas thanks to an innovative agreement between Community Recycling, textile recycler, and George Leck and Son Inc., a family owned and operated waste hauling company. The goal is to offer education, convenience and superior customer service for residents to participate regularly in textile recycling. In this curbside program, homeowners will be able to recycle clothes and related soft items, paired shoes, bags/belts, known as textiles.

“Involving our residential customers in a convenient and easy solution to textile recycling is important,” said Tina Leck. “Our ultimate goal is to offer our clients the complete spectrum of services for all of their waste and recycling needs. Adding textile recycling with Community Recycling makes total sense both ecologically and economically.”

According to the U.S. EPA, 85% of all discarded textiles – over 11 million tons – are sent to U.S. landfills every year. Community Recycling is an environmentally conscious textile recycling company that collects unwanted textiles and related materials that are responsibly distributed for reuse, resale and recycling in the US and abroad. By putting clothes, shoes and bags/belts back in the realm of reuse, we preserve our natural resources, drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save dwindling landfill space. All of the textiles collected in this curbside program will be given a new life at affordable prices for people around the globe. It's a win-win-win proposal from every angle.

"Textile recycling needs to become as familiar to us all and as easy to perform as traditional curbside recycling,” said Lisa Pomerantz, VP Marketing and Business Development at Community Recycling. “Our relationship with George Leck and Son Inc. allows thousands of residents the additional convenience of curbside recycling of their clothes, shoes, and bags/belts. It’s great to find a partner who recognizes that we must make process easy, accessible and worthwhile so that we can redefine what textile recycling looks like.”

The environmental benefits from textile recycling are significant. Reusing and re-wearing saves water, reduces energy usage, cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions, and helps to prevent air, water and solid-waste pollution. The EPA estimates that every person in the US disposes of about 70 lbs. of usable and re-wearable textiles each year. Items such as shoes, clothes and bags are very dense and take up a lot of space in the landfill landscape. Despite the growing green movement, most people in the US are unaware that textiles can be recycled, creating local economies and jobs both here and abroad.

“With the help of leaders in the industry like George Leck and Son Inc., we can really begin to redefine what happens curbside and how we as consumers view the things we wear and use.” Pomerantz said, “This is a step in the right direction as we look forward to a textile recycling zero waste tolerance.”

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About Community Recycling

Community Recycling, headquartered in Fairless Hills, PA, collects unwanted textiles and related materials that are responsibly distributed for reuse, resale and recycling in the US and abroad. They have flipped the recycling triangle upside down and have mastered the most powerful ‘R,’ REUSE, with more than 95% of the goods collected destined for reuse here and around the world. We are effectively diverting millions of pounds of clothing, shoes and other secondhand goods from landfills, generating new revenue streams for municipalities, townships, boroughs, commercial retail locations, charities, thrifts; and fueling local economies and creating jobs both here and in emerging countries. Visit us at www.communityrecycling.biz for more information and let our passion for recycling help create an environmental solution for your business.

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About George Leck and Son Inc.
Father and son partners, George and Walter Leck, founded George Leck and Son Inc. in Newtown, Pennsylvania in 1971. With 40 years experience in the waste hauling industry, George Leck and Son Inc. takes a tremendous amount of pride in offering quality service at a competitive price with a emphasis on excellent customer care. In 2011 we are still family owned and operated with our facility now located in Ivyland, PA. 

Our company offers a complete spectrum of waste hauling needs including Residential, Commercial, Recycling and Roll-Off service in Bucks County, Montgomery County, NE Philadelphia and Southern Lehigh County. Visit us at www.georgeleckandson.com or call (215) 675-8000 for more information.



August 30, 2011
The Advance
"Newtown's Sycamore Street Community Association dedicates flower beds to the late George Leck"
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May 23, 2011
The Advance
 "George Leck and Sons team with Recyclebank to recognize Newtown Township's top residential recyclers"
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February 25, 2011
Newtown Gazette
"George Leck and Son Inc., Family Owned and Operated for 40 Years"
Submitted by Mick Petrucci, President of the Newtown Business & Professional Association
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August 2009: George Leck and Son Inc has Newtown’s Top-Recycler Award Ceremony

RecycleBank® and George Leck and Son Inc., a waste removal company in Bucks County, have engaged the community to recycle with a cause at heart. Together, working with the community, they have raised $10,000 in donations to save area wildlife by partnering with The Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center. Newly located in Chalfont, Pennsylvania from their home of over 30 years in Newtown Township, The Aark provides temporary sanctuary for thousands of injured and orphaned birds and mammals annually.
All monies were raised from recycling efforts of the community. With RecycleBank, households earn Points for pounds recycled. Within the past several months, George Leck and Son customers were given the opportunity to donate Points for the animals and they rose to the occasion. One hundred thousand RecycleBank Points were donated and George Leck and Son and RecycleBank turned those Points into real dollars and eventually resulted in a $10,000 check being presented to The Aark.

May 2009: George Leck and Son Inc has Newtown’s Top-Recycler Award Ceremony

Leck celebrated the 2 year its partnership with RecycleBank and honored the Top 5 Recycling Residences in Newtown Township for the second year in a row. Tina Leck of George Leck and Son Inc. explained that RecycleBank is a premier rewards program that partner’s with local waste haulers, like our company, to incentify people to recycle. RecycleBank has demonstrated that offering people an incentive to recycle increases recycling rates and volume. Leck recycling trucks are retrofitted with technology that upon collection; identifies, weighs, and records the weight of the recycling container. The weight recorded is then translated into RecycleBank Reward Points that the resident redeems for great savings such as gift cards, discounts, and rebates to national and local retailers. Tina Leck explained that the positive environmental impact of the RecycleBank program has had on Newtown Township in the first 2 years was very substantial and highlighted the following statistics.

Recycling Tons Diverted from landfill: 894.32tons in 2008 and equate to:

  • 9,122.0844 Trees Saved in 2008 and Trees Saved: 9,443
  • 596,959.93 Gallons of Oil saved in 2008 and 617,983 in 2009
  • 3,756,152.4 Gallons of Water saved
  • Reduction of 816 Metric Ton
  • Gallons of Water Saved: Approx 3.9 Million Gallons
  • Potential Saving Value of Points Earned: $452,933

The rate of recycling for the participating RecycleBank customers in Newtown Township had increased approximately 75% since the start of the program in 2007, some customer reaching as high as 200% increase.

Additionally mentioned: Newtown Township’s ability to secure grant funding. The variables used during the grant application and that also determine the overall amount of the grant funding are based on both commercial and residential recycling volumes, township population, and multipliers of those numbers that are calculated by the state. In the end, the success of the RecycleBank program demonstrated its ability to increase recycling volumes, decrease waste flow, and contribute to environmental sustainability in the community. With the support of the Newtown Township residents and officials, our community continues to benefit from the innovative recycling program provided by RecycleBank and George Leck and Son Inc.

October 2008: George Leck and Son and RecycleBank Partner to save the Animals

The AARK Wildlife Refuge to Benefit from Area Recyclers
RecycleBank and George Leck and Son Waste Removal announced today that they have joined forces to save area wildlife by partnering with The Aark. Located in Newtown, Pennsylvania, The Aark provides temporary sanctuary for thousands of injured and orphaned birds and mammals annually. RecycleBank and George Leck and Son have been working together to create cleaner, greener communities in the Lower Bucks County suburbs since April of 2007. RecycleBank’s unique incentive program enables households to earn RecycleBank Points for recycling. Residents can redeem Points at national and local retailers across the country which motivates residents and has increased recycling rates dramatically. 

September 2008
Bucks Living Magazine
In just 12 months, George Leck and Son Inc’s. customers participating in Recyclebank’s rewards program have made a huge impact on our environment
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March 2007
Bucks County Courier Times
"Focus on Newtown"
Recyclebank comes to Newtown
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