Shredding Services

Residential Shredding
Do you work from home or do you have years of old sensitive financial information stored at your home? How do you safely dispose of all of that confidential information? Imagine if your sensitive documents fell into the wrong hands. The damage could be detrimental to you and your entire household.


Leck Waste Services is now offering boxed shredding services for residential customers. This easy and secure service allows you to be sure that your shedding will be secure and protected.


The box is 15 x 12 x 10 and holds approximately 3500 pieces of paper or 7 reams.

Shredding for Businesses

Imagine if your sensitive business documents fell into the wrong hands. The damage could be disastrous to your company.


Your business is producing more information than ever before at a time when privacy and information disposal laws are increasing exponentially. Information is your most valuable resource, but when not properly safeguarded, it exposes you to corporate espionage, identity theft, and other criminal activity. Even if no confidential information has escaped yet, you face a public relations fiasco, and stiff legal penalties, if you are not taking the proper preventative measures.

As a result, you need to ensure that your organization protects its sensitive business and customer information by securely disposing of it.


Leck Waste Services endeavors to ensure that your company's information is secured with document destruction and records protection services where applicable. We supply integrated solutions for all types and sizes of companies by providing shredding services on a weekly, monthly or one time basis.


You can count on Leck to save you time, money, and further your recycling goals with our secure document disposal.

Featuring the S-Series Collection Toters,
and Duraflex Executive Collection Console.

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